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While another viewer wrote: 'Which celebrity ate their own placenta? I LOVE STANLEY.' Another question asked who had starred in a cheese advert in their youth, leading Toff to probe Stanley on whether he had ever tried a cheese string.Admitting he hadn't, Toff then gasped and placed an affectionate hand on his shoulder, declaring: 'Oh you haven't lived!Stanley and Georgia Toffolo teamed up for Tuesday night's Dingo Dollar challenge - which sees contestants complete silly tasks in order to win treats for camp.Hilarious: Stanley Johnson left fans of the hit show rolling in the aisles once more as he confused Rebekah Vardy's placenta for polenta during the hilarious Dingo Dollar bushtucker trial on Tuesday's episode of I'm A Celebrity...To answer this question we shall begin our examination by taking a look just how those civilizations – which, without a doubt, shaped our political and social systems – related to the values we hold dear today.

'First guessing Shappi, the pair then found success with Becky - with Toff reasoning: 'Well Becky had a baby 11 months ago and it's actually really trendy to eat your placenta because Kim Kardashian did it so lets try her'.

Becky revealed she fell victim to 'nasty men' in her teens in a poignant Instagram essay last month, as women from the showbiz world continue to come forward about harassment.

She went on to thank and praise husband Jamie, who has helped her to 'forget' her insecurities and live life to the full.

An excerpt from Rabbi Ken Spiro's recently published book, "World Perfect." While developing an idea for a lecture program, I conducted a series of surveys over a period of two years, asking people to list the fundamental values and principles which they felt we needed to uphold in order to make our world as perfect as is humanly possible. Overwhelmingly, my respondents – predominantly Westerners, from the United States, Canada, South America, England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc – came up with remarkably similar answers, which could be grouped into these six categories: The respondents to my survey came from all walks of life, yet regardless of their backgrounds, they were in agreement. Where did the values and principles of the modern world come from?

Indeed, they, and I venture to say most human beings the world over, deeply believe that a perfect world must include these universal values. Are these six basic ideas intrinsic to human nature? The answer I found will surprise, perhaps even shock, the reader.

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