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For this article I'm going to demonstrate connecting to, retrieving, and displaying data from the Microsoft Access Northwind database, which is included in the download.(Note that I'm using a slightly modified, slimmed down version of Northwind, one whose Forms, Modules, Reports, and Macros have all been deleted to reduce the file size.) ASP. When using professional grade database systems, like Microsoft SQL Server, typically the database is registered on a separate database server. Next, drag a Sql Data Source control from the Toolbox onto the Designer.However, the remaining screen shots are identical for both the Access Data Source and Sql Data Source. As you can see by the two radio buttons at the top of the screen you can either pick a table or view and select the columns to return (as shown in the screen shot below), or write a custom SQL statement or pick a stored procedure.If you opt to specify columns from a table or view, simply pick the table or view from the drop-down list and then check those columns you want to return.With the declarative, "code free" Data Source controls you can create a page that displays database data in under 15 seconds and without having to write a line of code. Both controls have virtually the same featureset, the only difference being how you specify the connection information.

If there's a clustered index (such as a primary key constraint) on the table, the data will be ordered by the column(s) that make up that index; otherwise, the data is ordered by order it was entered into the database table.If not, you have to find each and every page that references the connection string and update it accordingly.Furthermore, by placing your connection string information in The Access Data Source differs from the Sql Data Source in one minor aspect - rather than specifying a connection string as with the Sql Data Source, the Access Data Source prompts for the path to the database file.To specify a different ordering, click the ORDER BY button.Here you can choose what columns the data should be sorted by, and if it should be sorted in ascending or descending order.

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Therefore, the screen shots above are different for the Access Data Source.

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