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Found, he promised to send her money, but never did.

In 1915 wife wrote from Canning Town London, seeking maintenance.

Mc DADE, James, 44 years, ship’s foreman, born Port Glasgow. TAIT, Seaman’s Missionary, Dundee Scotland, on behalf of wife. His parents were Alexander and Euphemia nee Mc KINNON. Mc DONALD, Angus, of Invercargill New Zealand, wrote in 1899 re Lucy BARTLETT. Lucy was formerly in the Industrial School and was hired out to Angus. Mc DONALD, Flora, Portland, Maine, USA, wrote in 1912 re her brother Donald, born Prince Edward Island, son of John and Christina, believed in Melbourne and a wealthy wool merchant. Mc DONALD, Miss Flora, of Paisley Scotland, wrote in 1914 re her brother Owen, a bank employee, who has not written for some time. The last two came to Canada from Dublin when children and Peter went with aunt Mary to Australia c50 years ago. Mary of Oakland, California wrote in 1914 re James Bain Mc LAUGHLAN, her brother. Mc DONALD, Norman, wrote from Auckland New Zealand in 1919 re his brother John who died in Victoria in 1918; sister Kate POWELL in Victoria. Mac DONNELL, Carlotta, wrote from England in 1918, on letterhead of New South Wales Agent General, London, re her husband John Bertram Morton KNUTSEN, engineer.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

Jessie of Oakland, California USA wrote in 1914 re her brother James B. Her brother Alexander was the writer’s grandfather and is dead as is her sister Charlotte. He left there c50 years ago; was recently in Belfast looking for her.

T., Woodhouse Ridge, Leeds UK wrote in 1901 re Sarah HAREWOOD, c70 year, a widow. Parish Council also wrote re his maintaining his family there. Mc BEAN, Mary Jane, of Edendale New Zealand, wrote in 1913 re the death of her brother James Henry ROXBURGH in Victoria. Mc BRIDE, Samuel, of Gilford, Co Down Ireland, c70 years, sought by niece Lizzie ADAMSON of Belfast Ireland in 1912. Mc CABE, Thomas, wrote from Lurgan, Virginia Co Cavan Ireland in 1898 re his half brother Bernard and brother and sister James and Catherine, who left there in 1856 and lived in Gawler in 1858.

John Mc COPPIN writes asking for details, he was his wife’s brother.

Mc ELWEE, John, South Melbourne, sought by brother James, Co Donegal Ireland in 1911.

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