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These are Community Service (Section 26) and Reparatory Sentences (Section 26-1) which entail “the obligation, for the offender, to indemnify the victim within the period and under the conditions laid down by the court.” Political Crimes The penal code includes a number of chapters with provisions that deal with what may be termed political crimes.

These include offences against public peace, contempt of president, public bodies and public servants, corruption and violence in election matters, etc.

The testimony of married women should be an encouragement for you, single sister, that you are not forgotten.

Somewhere, there is someone you complete, and that someone also completes you.

The bachelor may ‘ girl in town for reasons known to him alone, leaving single lady licking her wounds.

Sometimes, it seems that life is really unfair to women.

and shall be public unless otherwise ordered in the decision not to commute.” Begging Criminalized According to Section 245: Whoever, having means of subsistence, or being able to earn such by working, begs in any place for alms shall be punished with imprisonment for from three months to three years and with a fine of from CFAF 50 000 to CFAF 500 000.

By Dibussi Tande President Paul Biya has signed into law, the bill relating to the (new) penal Code (Law No. Prior to its adoption by Parliament last June, the penal code bill was the target of widespread criticism from legal scholars, the Bar Council, civil society organizations and the general public because of a number of controversial provisions.

Specifically targeted was the provision granting government ministers immunity from prosecution, along with other provisions punishing rent defaulters, criminalizing begging and adultery, and maintaining the death penalty.

Only actions in the exercise of that office are covered.” Faced with mounting outrage particularly from lawyers who threatened to go on strike, the Senate (on the recommendation of Government) amended the controversial provision, stripping it of the reference to Members of Government.

According to the amended text which is now in the new penal code (Article 127 on judicial or particular immunities), Any judicial, legal or investigating police officer who prosecutes, arrests or tries anyone in violation of any law conferring immunity shall be punished with imprisonment from one to five years.

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