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Carriers appear from photographs to be a mixture of sand coloured vehicles and the Caunter Scheme.

A Universal Carrier Mark 1 of 6th Division Cavalry in February 1941.

These vehicles appeared on a parade wearing the Caunter camouflage scheme, and carrying the Divisional sign, a white kangaroo over a boomerang on a black square, on the left front mudguard.

A Bridge classification sign, a black 4 on a yellow disc appeared on the right front mudguard.

The Machine Gun Carriers appear to be generally Universal Carriers Mark 1, all mounting Vickers and Bren guns.

The volume of fire that the carriers were able to produce, with their Vickers guns connected to the engine radiators of the carriers, was largely responsible for minimizing the infantry casualties.

The 6th Division Cavalry Regiment were the first Australian troops in action in the Second World War at Fort Maddalina and Fort Garn on 11/12 December 1940.

A Squadron was detatched to the Western Desert Force and, equipped with only Machine Gun Carriers of British origin, assisted in the capture of Bardia in January 1941.

When carried the unit sign for each Division cavalry Regiment was a white 41 on a black square, with the Divisional sign changing according to the formation.

Only seven of the captured Italian tanks managed to complete the approach march, with only one reaching the Italian defences.

It should be noted that these Italian vehicles, as were most of the Italian transport captured during the early days of the desert war, painted green and not sand.

Their main training took place in Palestine and later in Egypt, where, equipped with Machine Gun Carriers, they started using armoured vehicles and developing expertise in the handling of them.

Six very well used Vickers Light Tanks Mark IIB from Egyptian Army stocks were issued in October 1940 from the depot in Abbassia.

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The role of a Divisional Cavalry Regiment was to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and early warning operations on behalf of its division.

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