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Yanukovych had to run for prime minister again in 2007.

When Chornovil complained about Manafort to a close associate of Yanukovych, Chornovil said the man told him Manafort was untouchable — "a big cheese here, in charge of everything." Manafort was also trying to help Yanukovych expand his base of support.They say he wanted to set Russian speakers against Ukrainian speakers, and supporters of Moscow against supporters of NATO.According to Berezovets, "His idea was to [use] the matter of language to divide the electorate.So they would not have gotten them if they were arguing for NATO — let's join NATO — policies." Skepticism about NATO had the virtue of appealing to many Ukrainian speakers as well.Nationwide, more than half of the public opposed joining the military alliance.

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Viktor Yanukovych had been governor of Donetsk, a Russian-speaking region close to the Russian border, and then the prime minister of Ukraine.

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