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I was going to fly there on my plane to check it out.

I’ve never been able to do it, but I gotta get there.” Ahu Tongariki is the largest ceremonial structure in Polynesia.

Transmitimos variedad de géneros de música popular y de su gusto masivo como el reggae, reggaetón, pop en inglés y español, rock en inglés y español, hip hop, electrónica, fusión, baladas en inglés y español, complementando con salsa, merengue y típico. Some moai look out towards the ocean, others are horizontal on the ground.I saw one moai tucked in the crevice of a volcanic cliff.Other moai were never intended to leave the quarry. The Rapa Nui people sculpted the moai between the years of 12 A. The three-dimensional moai are set on stone platforms although in recent years archeologists have discovered bottoms.The large heads take up more than half of the statues, which average about 12 Rano Raraku also contains a tree framed picnic area (and gift shop–they are everywhere) for visitors before they embark on a tour of the breathtaking quarry.

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But the Iorana’s rooms were clean, the hotel has nice views of the ocean and hot water–which wasn’t the case with the accommodations of some other tourists I talked to.

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