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Syngenta seeds improve yield by prompting early emergence, vigorous growth and highest quality output."Pavan ' I just want to make stuff' Kumar Workbench Projects began as an idea that plagued Founder and Director Pavan Kumar for two years.To this we say ‘Welcome to the Family Colonel’ Sanjana Govindan Jayadev is a committed humanitarian and work across education, healthcare , livelihood and the animal welfare sector.She currently heads Fundraising and Grant management at AIFO India, an international non profit organization that works on enhancing access to healthcare in rural and remote, strengthen community healthcare systems, secure donor funding while spearheading new initiatives to improve financial sustainability of grassroots partners and use innovative low cost technology and partnership to improve patient treatment outcomes across 10 states of AIFO''s operations.You know stuff is gonna get done, (and done right by Jove! Let’s just say, the first time we heard an actual Colonel (Retd. ) would be managing our space with us, the team was curious as a cat.And while myths around makers always seem to bring images of chaos and untidy little sheds, our team at Workbench revealed when Colonel’s order and discipline helped bring our ship in Tip-Top shape (we mean, more tip-top shape than before! The gentleman, deeply intuitive about the needs of an organization both structure-wise and people-wise is just the kind of influence our maker-army needed. has always been a man of new ideas, with an army background of over 36 years of experience he’s been a paratrooper ,a resilient state/national hockey player and in charge of logistics and administration up until the last year, upon being asked why us?His first question every time he meets people who introduce themselves as engineers is "what have you engineered?

He was head of products and communication at Brains for Science and Technology Aided Reforms in Society (Brain STARS).

He mentioned a wish to prove himself in a civil organisation(no one’s telling him we’re not the most civil organisation in town, shh!

) While at the same time build his ideas out, some of which have been haunting him over a decade.

She is a master of ceremonies, operations and logistics, making sure that everything is right where it needs to be.

Her passion is to create creativity: developing the right conditions to spark and set off a thousand creative pursuits.

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As former Director of Brains for Science and Technology Aided Reforms in Society (Brain STARS) spearheaded thier pioneering maths activity centre called Number Nagar.

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