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First, each chromosome makes an exact copy of itself, keeping it attached at one point. Now the chromosome partners get together and the two, or actually four, will embrace.They cling so closely, big chunks carrying whole bunches of genes get exchanged between the partners.But beneath all that sunscreen, under the skin, there's a frenzy of activity.

From a single cell you built a body that has one hundred trillion cells.

If you're a bacterium, you might be into cloning—making exact replicas of yourself. With sexual reproduction, two individuals each provide some DNA. If the two can get together, a new being will be created, one that's different from its parents and everybody else. And when it comes to survival of the fittest, variety has a definite advantage. Sexual reproduction may be popular, but it's also quite tricky. Inside all this tubing, the average man is churning out a thousand new sperm every second.

All your descendents have the same DNA and, except for an occasional mutant, are just like you. To get an idea of how tricky, just take a peek inside a man's testicle. That's about a hundred million new sperm every day and more than two trillion over a lifetime.

We're uncovering the most intimate details of how life is created, the secrets behind life's greatest miracle.

You might think all the people on this beach are just working on their suntans.

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