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Increasing scepticism about experts and expert advice may also be one longer-term effect.The views of the Governor of the Bank of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury were disregarded equally.Conservative leader David Cameron pledged to hold the referendum to placate anti-EU sections of his own party and to outflank a perceived challenge from Ukip.

The Labour Party, too, is The referendum debate was unedifying. The participation of respected analysts, commentators and supposedly non-political public officials brought them no credit.

The voting patterns mirrored divisions along the lines of class, economic standing, education, age, residence and ethnicity.

The debate was always between economics and sovereignty (in the guise of immigration and border control).

Facts were water-boarded to support partisan positions.

A future of economic damnation and a revival of empire outside the EU are equally illusory.

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It may be that the vote against the EU was, in part, a protest vote against the long-term changes in economic structure of the UK economy, which has destroyed many working- and middle-class lives.

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