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Fisher’s chronicled her research in several books, including "Why Him? : How to Find and Keep Lasting Love" and "Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love" and has shared her findings a , anthropological archaeologist Holley Moyes hopes to both preserve Mayan culture and discover stories of these ancient people.

Moyes has spent the past 20 years exploring more than 100 caves in Belize, finding everything from tools to sacrificial remains to everyday pottery, to uncover how the Mayans' ideologies were created and maintained.

We compiled a list of 50 scientists from across the globe who are doing just that — changing the world for the better.

— one of the most powerful explosive forces in the universe — in a lab.Because many of the gene mechanisms in roundworms mimic those of mammals, Bargmann is able to manipulate certain genes and observe how that affects changes in behavior., Craig Spencer became the target of media criticism.Because these neutrinos are proof that protons are fusing within the sun, finally observing them helps confirm our theories about how the sun creates energy using fusion — and what's going on inside while that happens.Traditional data-encryption systems use a standard "key" of 1s and 0s, leaving their messages vulnerable to hackers.

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