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Primitive stone tools were found in the Grotte du Vallonnet, near Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, between Monaco and Menton, dating to between 1 million and 1.050 million years BC.The inhabitants of Provence during the paleolithic age lived in caves or in huts made of branches or covered with animal skins.Inside, the walls of the Cosquer Cave are decorated with drawings of bisons, seals, penguins, horses and outlines of human hands, dating to between 27,000 and 19,000 BC.The sea rose gradually to its present level, and the forests began to retreat.From 879 until 1486, it was a semi-independent state ruled by the Counts of Provence.In 1481, the title passed to the Louis XI of France.

Etruscan amphorae from the 7th and 6th centuries BC have been found in Marseille, Cassis, and in hilltop oppida in the region.Inspired by imported pottery from the eastern Mediterranean, in about 6000 BC they created the first pottery to be made in France.At about the same time, another wave of new settlers from the east, the Chasséens, arrived in Provence.The Ligures were more numerous than the Celtic peoples, and the Celto-Ligures eventually shared the territory of Provence, each tribe in its own alpine valley or settlement along a river, each with its own king and dynasty.They built hilltop forts and settlements, later given the Latin name oppida.

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The men compensate for the lack of wheat by hunting...

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