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Applying two Iris Blurs, for instance, creates two sharp circles on the image.However, when combining a Tilt-Shift and Iris Blur, both effects work independently so blur values are compounded, potentially leaving nothing sharp.Content-Aware Move rarely gave tidy results but it’s useful for quickly trying out compositional ideas.

As with the other Content-Aware tools, the results are hit-and-miss, but in many instances they get close to usable results, cutting down on the amount of manual tweaking involved.You now have more control over this thanks to the Patch Tool, which lets the user specify the source area for the graft.Content-Aware Move is yet another spin on the same idea, transplanting a selection from one area to another and blending both the original and new positions.These new blur effects are likely to see lots of use, not just for photo processing but also as more abstract effects in graphic design projects.Smooth moves Content-Aware Fill made its debut in Photoshop CS5, automatically grafting parts of the image to cover unwanted items.

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