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La date du 23 février reste marquée douloureusement dans la mémoire de chaque tchétchène.

The Treaty of Paris (1951) established the European Coal and Steel Community, which would later become the European Union. In addition to the creation of the Convention of Human Rights in 1953, Europe continued to shift in the direction of defending and protecting individual rights. 48.) of March 14, 2000, Council of Europe Document 8666. 55.) Council of Europe Press Notice of April 26, 2001: "Report of monitoring Committee of March 14 2000," Council of Europe (pg. 56.) Speech given by Chief Justice John Roberts at the University of Alabama Law School, March 9, 2010. Read Article »International Humanitarian Law, based on the concepts of jus ad bello, is defined to be the law of war.Unfortunately, the enthusiasm for human rights protection expressed by Western Europe was not matched by Eastern Europe. 14 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, amending the control system of the Convention. This means that the laws involved are meant to be active in a situation of an armed conflict or during war. Read Article »Over the last few decades, fetal homicide laws have become the topic of fierce debate.Thus, the courts themselves are not necessarily blameworthy in their inability to ameliorate the status of human rights violations. Rainey, Bernadette, Elizabeth Wicks, and Clare Orey. Although the ICJ has the authority to impose fines upon member states that do not comply with its rulings, it is an insufficient incentive to motivate members to comply with its decisions.

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