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NET Framework versions, do not store them as Persian Calendar date strings (since those values may be different).The Target Framework Name was previously null in the default app domain, unless it was explicitly set.was passed for the verbose parameter and there were certificates installed that weren't supported by the . Now, the method will succeed and return a valid string that omits the inaccessible portions of the certificate.Any code depending on To String(Boolean) should be updated to expect that the returned string may exclude some certificate data (such as public key, private key, and extensions) in some cases in which the API would have previously thrown. NET Framework 4.6.2, for connection open requests to known Azure SQL databases (*.database.windows.net, *.database.chinacloudapi.cn, *.database.usgovcloudapi.net, *.database.cloudapi.de), the connection pool blocking period is removed, and connection open errors are not cached.NET Framework 4.5 causes values set via a null coalescing operation to not be visible in the debugger immediately after the assignment operation is executed when running on the 64-bit version of the Framework. This change adds the required asserts so that all functions using Cng Lightup have the required permissions. NET Framework 4.6.2, this method returns False if the signature itself is badly formatted. Apps should not depend on specific exception messages.Stepping one additional time in the debugger will cause the local/field's value to be correctly updated. NET Framework 4.6; upgrading to that version of the Framework should solve the issue. As a result, partial trust apps that successfully used System. If an app depending on this message, please either update it to expect the new message or (preferably) change it to depend only on the exception type.) for the .ETW Event Listeners with a blank keyword mask do not properly capture events from providers with explicit keywords. NET Framework 4.5, the TPL provider began providing explicit keywords and triggered this issue. NET Framework 4.6, Event Listeners have been updated to no longer have this issue. NET Framework 4.6, the Persian Calendar class uses the Hijri solar algorithm.Converting dates between the Persian Calendar and other calendars may produce a slightly different result beginning with the .

As a result, if a customer uses an MD5 certificate, the WCF client will fail to connect to the WCF service. To Bitmap method throws an Argument Out Of Range Exception exception if the Icon object has PNG frames. Refresh from code while items are selected in a List Box can cause the selected items to be duplicated in the list. This issue may be worked around by programatically unselecting items before Refresh() is called and then re-selecting them after the call is completed. NET Framework 4.6 and may be addressed by upgrading to that version of the . Scroll Into View(Object) will work asynchronously when column virtualization is enabled but the column widths have not yet been determined.

In the topics that describe runtime changes, we have classified individual items by their expected impact, as follows: Major This is a significant change that affects a large number of apps or that requires substantial modification of code.

Minor This is a change that affects a small number of apps or that requires minor modification of code.

NET Framework 4.5 if running on a Windows 7 machine with a non-IFS Winsock BSP or LSP are present on the computer.

To determine whether a non-IFS BSP or LSP is installed, use the A bug in the . Encrypted Xml began to fail and throw Security Exception exceptions. NET Framework 4.6 and 4.6.1, the method throws a Cryptographic Exception if the signature itself is badly formatted. NET Framework 4.6, the exception message given if a Data Contract Serializer or Data Contract Json Serializer fails to serialize or deserialize due to missing 'known types' has been clarified.

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